About us

Rishikesh, the tiny Northern Indian city that flourishes largely and mainly on tourism and spirituality, have enough residential facilities within its limits but there always was a trace of discontent in the demeanor of the tourist who departs the vacational habitat. An unidentified lack of something. Was it the food, the comfort of the bed or the hospitality of the men, not many bothered to run a comprehensive research on it. We did. The ultimate craving of the tourist was to find everything under one roof. Of course tourism is kind of synonym for movement, but once struck camp, though temporary, at a particular location, the tourist wanted everything within arm’s length. Palatable food, a rejuvenating massage, rail and air ticket, means for communication, transportation.. everything. Most hotels lacked one or the other. We readily jumped into the bandwagon of the hospitality traders in Rishikesh, with the confidence that we could fill the chasm, not overnight, within a couple of months.